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    Eddy Vluggen - Professional Profile


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    I'm a Delphi-convert, mostly into WinForms and C#. My first article is from 2001, extending the Delphi-debugger, which is still visible on the WayBackMachine[^] and even available in Russian[^] Smile | :)
    31 Dec 2018 CodeProject MVP 2019
    31 Dec 2012 MVP: CodeProject MVP 2013
    31 Dec 2009 CodeProject MVP 2010



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    GeneralBookmarks Pin
    Eddy Vluggen18-Mar-11 4:14
    professionalEddy Vluggen18-Mar-11 4:14 
    GeneralRelated Utilities Pin
    Eddy Vluggen2-Mar-12 12:10
    professionalEddy Vluggen2-Mar-12 12:10 
    NewsOnline tools Pin
    Eddy Vluggen14-Mar-12 8:21
    professionalEddy Vluggen14-Mar-12 8:21 
    NewsCustom Controls / Libraries Pin
    Eddy Vluggen9-Apr-12 9:54
    professionalEddy Vluggen9-Apr-12 9:54 
    NewsDebugging Pin
    Eddy Vluggen26-Apr-12 22:02
    professionalEddy Vluggen26-Apr-12 22:02 



    Tracing/analysis tools

    • Outlook Spy[^] - great to read headers from within outlook.


    Bastard Programmer from Hell Suspicious | :suss:

    modified 12-Sep-13 5:14am.

    NewsDesign Patterns Pin
    Eddy Vluggen17-Jun-12 0:25
    professionalEddy Vluggen17-Jun-12 0:25 
    GeneralRefactorings Pin
    Eddy Vluggen7-Oct-10 12:55
    professionalEddy Vluggen7-Oct-10 12:55 
    GeneralRe: Refactorings Pin
    Vercas26-Dec-10 5:31
    MemberVercas26-Dec-10 5:31 
    News.NET related snippets Pin
    Eddy Vluggen5-Oct-10 9:58
    professionalEddy Vluggen5-Oct-10 9:58 
    GeneralTemporaryOverride class Pin
    Eddy Vluggen5-Oct-10 10:15
    professionalEddy Vluggen5-Oct-10 10:15 
    NewsTemporaryOverride class (VB.NET version) Pin
    Eddy Vluggen22-Jul-11 4:30
    professionalEddy Vluggen22-Jul-11 4:30 
    NewsScopedSupportInitialize Pin
    Eddy Vluggen10-Apr-12 8:35
    professionalEddy Vluggen10-Apr-12 8:35 
    GeneralA clean CreateDelegate Pin
    Eddy Vluggen13-Apr-11 10:04
    professionalEddy Vluggen13-Apr-11 10:04 
    NewsInterop with .NET, tested with Lazarus; Pin
    Eddy Vluggen13-Sep-11 12:32
    professionalEddy Vluggen13-Sep-11 12:32 
    NewsStandard reader-pattern Pin
    Eddy Vluggen29-Oct-11 14:31
    professionalEddy Vluggen29-Oct-11 14:31 
    NewsAttributionAttribute AboutBox Pin
    Eddy Vluggen29-Oct-11 14:55
    professionalEddy Vluggen29-Oct-11 14:55 
    NewsMy BigInt implementation Pin
    Eddy Vluggen11-Nov-11 7:20
    professionalEddy Vluggen11-Nov-11 7:20 
    NewsExpensive Exceptions Pin
    Eddy Vluggen19-Sep-16 1:03
    professionalEddy Vluggen19-Sep-16 1:03 
    GeneralRe: Expensive Exceptions Pin
    PIEBALDconsult16-May-18 15:06
    professionalPIEBALDconsult16-May-18 15:06 
    GeneralRe: Expensive Exceptions Pin
    Eddy Vluggen16-May-18 22:43
    professionalEddy Vluggen16-May-18 22:43 
    GeneralTSQL: Fetch metadata for a table Pin
    Eddy Vluggen6-Sep-10 9:54
    professionalEddy Vluggen6-Sep-10 9:54 
    GeneralTSQL: Fetch tables without Primary Key Pin
    Eddy Vluggen31-Jan-11 1:36
    professionalEddy Vluggen31-Jan-11 1:36 
    GeneralTSQL: Fetch tables without clustered index Pin
    Eddy Vluggen1-Feb-11 21:04
    professionalEddy Vluggen1-Feb-11 21:04 
    GeneralRe: TSQL: Fetch metadata for a table Pin
    PIEBALDconsult16-May-18 15:08
    professionalPIEBALDconsult16-May-18 15:08 
    GeneralVisual Studio macro's: replacing the default help-system Pin
    Eddy Vluggen2-Sep-10 9:49
    professionalEddy Vluggen2-Sep-10 9:49 

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