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    Posted 9 May 2011

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    A simple attribute to store licensing information and credits

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    9 May 2011CPOL
    A few fields to store general information on the provided code
    using System;
    [AttributeUsage(AttributeTargets.Assembly, AllowMultiple=true)]
    public class AttributionAttribute : System.Attribute
        String _author;
        String _authorLink;
        String _contributionTitle;
        String _contributionLink;
        public AttributionAttribute()
        public String Author
            get { return this._author; }
            set { this._author = value; }
        public String AuthorLink
            get { return this._authorLink; }
            set { this._authorLink = value; }
        public String ContributionTitle
            get { return this._contributionTitle; }
            set { this._contributionTitle = value; }
        public String ContributionLink
            get { return this._contributionLink; }
            set { this._contributionLink = value; }

    This makes it easy to give credit to the author, without having to keep a list of what's referenced and whatsnot.
    [assembly: Attribution
        Author = "Jani Giannoudis",
        AuthorLink = "http://www.itenso.com/en/Default.aspx",
        ContributionTitle = "User Settings Applied",
        ContributionLink = "http://www.asiancuisinenyc.com/KB/dotnet/user_settings.aspx"

    Giving credit in a generic DataGridView is as easy as fetching all attributes from the current executing assembly and all it's references and summing them;
    foreach (AttributionAttribute aa in attribs)
      int newRowIdx = dataGridView1.RowCount;
      dataGridView1[0, newRowIdx].Value = aa.Author;
      dataGridView1[0, newRowIdx].ToolTipText = aa.AuthorLink;
      dataGridView1[1, newRowIdx].Value = aa.ContributionTitle;
      dataGridView1[1, newRowIdx].ToolTipText = aa.ContributionLink;

    Enjoy :)


    This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


    About the Author

    Eddy Vluggen
    Software Developer Currently none.
    Netherlands Netherlands
    I'm a Delphi-convert, mostly into WinForms and C#. My first article is from 2001, extending the Delphi-debugger, which is still visible on the WayBackMachine[^] and even available in Russian[^] Smile | :)

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    QuestionGreat! Pin
    Sascha Lefèvre20-Oct-17 12:46
    professionalSascha Lefèvre20-Oct-17 12:46 
    GeneralCool! ;) Pin
    Jani Giannoudis10-May-11 19:23
    MemberJani Giannoudis10-May-11 19:23 
    GeneralRe: Thanks :) Pin
    Eddy Vluggen11-May-11 11:03
    professionalEddy Vluggen11-May-11 11:03 
    GeneralSehr Gut! :) Pin
    DrABELL10-May-11 10:39
    professionalDrABELL10-May-11 10:39 
    GeneralRe: Vielen Dank :) Pin
    Eddy Vluggen11-May-11 11:03
    professionalEddy Vluggen11-May-11 11:03 

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