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            Kris Lantz - Professional Profile


            Just a guy who does C# and SQL development professionally in Eastern TN.

            Lover of all things tech, with an affinity for old computers. Tinker with Unity and Xamarin development in my free time.

            When I'm not coding or otherwise surrounding myself in computing interests, I can be found outdoors hiking, camping, kayaking, or hitting the trails in my Teryx4. Occasionally, you can find me on the Eastern US', "The Tail of the Dragon" enjoying the day in a turbocharged Mustang. Did I mention I love cars, too? Smile | :)



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            ActionAuthorAuthorityDebatorEditorEnquirerOrganiserParticipantIf OwnerMember Types
            Have no restrictions on voting frequencysilversilversilversilver
            Bypass spam checks when posting contentsilversilversilversilversilversilvergoldSubEditor, Mentor, Protector, Editor
            Store personal files in your account areaplatinumplatinumSubEditor, Editor
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            Have the ability to include a biography in your profilebronzebronzebronzebronzebronzebronzesilverSubEditor, Protector, Editor
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            Edit an Answer in Q&AsilversilversilversilverYesSubEditor, Protector, Editor
            Delete a Question in Q&AYesSubEditor, Protector, Editor
            Delete an Answer in Q&AYesSubEditor, Protector, Editor
            Report an ArticlesilversilversilversilverSubEditor, Mentor, Protector, Editor
            Approve/Disapprove a pending ArticlegoldgoldgoldgoldSubEditor, Mentor, Protector, Editor
            Edit other members' articlesSubEditor, Protector, Editor
            Create an article without requiring moderationplatinumSubEditor, Mentor, Protector, Editor
            Approve/Disapprove a pending QuestionProtector
            Approve/Disapprove a pending AnswerProtector
            Report a forum messagesilversilverbronzeProtector, Editor
            Approve/Disapprove a pending Forum MessageProtector
            Create a new tagsilversilversilversilver
            Modify a tagsilversilversilversilver

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