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            Richard MacCutchan - Professional Profile


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            I was a Software Engineer for 40+ years starting with mainframes, and moving down in scale through midi, UNIX and Windows PCs. I started as an operator in the 1960s, learning assembler programming, before switching to development and graduating to COBOL, Fortran and PLUS (a proprietary language for Univac systems). Later years were a mix of software support and development, using mainly C, C++ and Java on UNIX and Windows systems.

            Since retiring I have been learning some of the newer (to me) technologies (C#, .NET, WPF, LINQ, SQL, Python ...) that I never used in my professional life, and am actually able to understand some of them.

            I still hope one day to become a real programmer.
            31 Dec 2020 CodeProject MVP 2021
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            31 Dec 2009 CodeProject MVP 2010

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            Richard MacCutchan2-Jul-17 23:48
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            15-Oct-20 21:20
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