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            Industry News Bleeping Computer 22 Jan 2021 1,781
            Most security staff have little say in app security
            On the bright side, that means they get to fix more security bugs?
            Industry News IT Pro Portal 22 Jan 2021 710
            Industry News ZDNet 22 Jan 2021 3,197
            Windows ARM64 support for CMake projects in Visual Studio
            Works fine on your machine, while you debug on another machine
            Developer News C++ team blog 22 Jan 2021 706
            Wasmer 1.0
            If it's good enough for the web, it must be good enough for everywhere?
            Developer News Wasmer 22 Jan 2021 1,636
            Making Win32 APIs more accessible to more languages
            Areway eythay inallyfay addingway Igpay Atinlay upportsay?
            Developer News Windows Developer blog 22 Jan 2021 1,845
            Worst job ever?
            But was there a ping pong table?
            Hot Threads CodeProject 22 Jan 2021 1,103
            Webhost suggestion please
            A host with the most, or at least spare toast? (sorry - last post of the week, and I'm all out of brain)
            Hot Threads CodeProject 22 Jan 2021 619
            Meet Raspberry Silicon: Raspberry Pi Pico now on sale at $4
            Whether you’re looking for a standalone board for deep-embedded development or a companion to your Raspberry Pi computer, or you’re taking your first steps with a microcontroller, this is the board for you.
            Tips and Tools Raspberry pi 22 Jan 2021 390
            Machine Learning 101: Part 3
            AutoML is able to suggest a list with the best models, grace to the evaluation metrics which accompany every model.
            Tips and Tools Jaxenter 22 Jan 2021 101
            Three mysteries in deep learning: Ensemble, knowledge distillation, and self-distillation
            In a new paper, “Towards Understanding Ensemble, Knowledge Distillation, and Self-Distillation in Deep Learning,” we focus on studying the discrepancy of neural networks during the training process that has arisen purely from randomizations
            Tips and Tools Microsoft Research 22 Jan 2021 36
            Guide To MLflow – A Platform To Manage Machine Learning Lifecycle
            MLflow is an open-source platform that enables smooth organization of a machine learning project.
            Tips and Tools Analytics India 22 Jan 2021 40
            What is semi-supervised machine learning?
            For some classification tasks, you don’t need to label all your training examples. Instead, you can use semi-supervised learning, a machine learning technique that can automate the data-labeling process with a bit of help.
            Tips and Tools The Next Web 22 Jan 2021 38
            Regression Metrics for Machine Learning
            In this tutorial, you will discover how to calculate error metrics for regression predictive modeling projects.
            Tips and Tools Machine Learning Mastery 22 Jan 2021 39
            Science And Technology Scientific American 22 Jan 2021 1,467
            A 'megasatellite' orbiting Ceres would make a fine home for humans, scientist says
            It's all fun-and-games until the Belters drop some rocks on your head
            Science And Technology Science Alert 22 Jan 2021 2,003
            Industry News ZDNet 21 Jan 2021 2,183
            Industry News Ars Technica 21 Jan 2021 4,015
            Microsoft: How 'zero trust' can protect against sophisticated hacking attacks
            Assuming you have greater than zero trust for them
            Developer News ZDNet 21 Jan 2021 1,728
            Visual Studio 2019 v16.9 Preview 3 is available today
            Can we make the name a little longer? We have the whole title bar to fill.
            Developer News Visual Studio blog 21 Jan 2021 4,954
            .NET nanoFramework taps C# for embedded systems
            1/1000 of the .NET Micro Framework
            Developer News Infoworld 21 Jan 2021 2,539
            AWS open sources .NET Porting Assistant GUI
            "I said that time may change me, but I can't trace time"
            Developer News Visual Studio magazine 21 Jan 2021 2,054
            YAPL: Yet Another Programming Lang
            Because it's been weeks without a new one
            Hot Threads CodeProject 21 Jan 2021 1,759
            XAML Naming Conventions in Xamarin Forms
            As Xamarin Developers there are predefined rules that we usually follow in our C# code. But what happens with our XAML?
            Tips and Tools XamGirl 21 Jan 2021 94

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